About Claire
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Claire Pearce is originally from the UK, but now lives in Los Angeles, Ca.  She has been a hairstylist for over 25yrs. Claire trained in London, England. From 1995-2003 she was an artistic team member for Sebastian International and travelled as a design artist teaching and inspiring other hairstylists. 
Claire Pearce is a hair extension specialist with over 15 years of experience AND over 30 years as a Hairstylist. She has an eye for matching color and hair texture and making the extensions look natural. She also uses unique cutting techniques, great beauty products and creative hair coloring to give each client an individual look. Her varied styling skills have come from thirty plus years of experience from all corners of the world. After leaving the UK where she trained and owned her own salon, Claire then became an international beauty specialist when she was offered a job in Sydney, Australia.  She learned how to work with all different hair types. Claire enjoyed the work and the weather so much she looked for further international opportunities which lead her to Los Angeles, Ca, 27 years ago. Claire also has a successful portrait photography business  http://www.unbuttonedphotography.com

Her current work is done at Salon Tosca located in Santa Monica, CA. Claire’s beauty expertise extends beyond the average cut and blow dry, she specializes in natural looking hair extensions and has a knack for picking just the right hair color for her clients. 

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Claire Pearce is the first stylist that has given me longevity with someone that understands my needs. Claire's formula for success is simple really; she listens to her clients, ensures she understands what you want and then infuses this understanding with her talent to give you what you asked for. I would travel long distances to get this kind of care and treatment. Most people are passionate about their hair care needs and you are definitely in good hands with Claire. It doesn't hurt that she is also very prompt, flexible and one of the nicest people you can ever hope to meet!
Maureen, Santa Monica, CA

Claire is truly the best hair stylist I have been to in all my years. She is the ONLY stylist who could actually style my hair after cutting. I didn't have to wear the baseball cap I always bring when I get my hair cut, nor did I rush home and wash my hair to style it again. She gave great tips on keeping my color fresh and which shampoos would help my dry ends! The Salon is really nice too, perfect lighting and skinny mirrors! I can't recommend Claire enough!
Nicolette, North Hollywood

I travel all the way from Pasadena to see Claire and have for the past 10 years.  She has been great about helping me try new colors and cuts without going too far outside my comfort zone.  As someone who, until I went to Claire, never colored her hair and kept her hair in a bob since high school, I would absolutely say that she listens to her clients, supporting them and encouraging them without putting pressure on them.  I have never left her salon disappointed with my cut.  It also helps that she is incredibly personable; I totally look forward to our chats.  I couldn’t recommend a stylist more highly.
Beth, Pasadena

Claire has found a salon that compliments perfectly.  She's a great person who really cares about her clients.  I have been with her for about 5 years and will always be a client.
Brian, Santa Monica

For me getting a hair cut is all about the experience: enjoying the person who is working on my hair, getting an update on the latest news, relaxing in the comfortable chair with a cup of herbal tea, walking out of the salon feeling gorgeous, refreshed,
energized and ready to take any challenge that comes my way. This has been my experience with Claire Pearce and that's the experience that I wish you all!
Anya, Los Angeles

I have been with Claire for many years. She has taken me from short and funky  to long and beautiful and back again. She is great for any style and always keeps the looks current and pays attention to trends. The salon is great, but I would follow her wherever she goes. Along with her talent as a hairdresser she is a joy! Smart, intuitive & generous in nature. Everywhere I go people ask me who does my hair because it always looks great.
Chez, Loz Feliz

I have been faithful to Claire since my arrival in LA eight years ago. She is a genius with my color. I am blond with, highlights and lowlights, so it requires a certain degree of artistry to get it right. My hair looks natural and healthy with a lot of depth. I continue to get compliments weeks after I’ve left the salon. Her cuts add to the confidence I have in my hair. She is able to shape it in a way that looks timeless and her cuts always grow in beautifully. I guess the most valuable asset in Claire’s arsenal is that she listens to me so I always leave the chair with exactly what I wanted.
Jennifer, Silverlake.

Claire Pearce has been doing my hair for some time now. Before her no one could get the color right, She knows how to work with hair and blend what is needed to get a very natural look. She has suggested products that have kept my hair is the best condition ever. I really appreciate that she listens to you and considers what you want. Claire is a gift and if you want a true professional she is for you.
Kathleen, Santa Monica