Pricing for Hair Extensions
There are so many variables in hair extensions, that the only way to give you a price, is for me to meet with you, see your hair and discuss what you are looking for. Then decide on a method, length  and how many pieces are needed. It generally starts around $300 and goes up from there. I order hair for each client, so a consulation is needed in order to color match the hair with your hair.

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Have you wanted to have long beautiful hair, but for whatever reason your natural hair just won’t grow. Well now there’s a way to get sexy long hair that looks great. I do a few different methods-Keratin bonded, Tape extensions and micro-links.

This is a very popular method to apply the extensions, as they look very natural and stay in your hair the longest. 3-4 months. They add volume and a flow to the hair. Also you can still put your hair up without seeing the extensions. I apply the hair extensions with the Kera Fusing Tool, which is a heating tool that softens the bonds, which are made from a resin, not glue,  so that they can be applied to your own hair. Once they cool down, they are bonded to your own hair until they are removed. The extension hair comes pre-tipped with a keratin (protein) adhesive. It is also known as U-tip Extensions or Keratip Hair extensions. The hair extensions are removed by using a special remover which softens the bonds. I use only the highest quality Remy hair from Europe and Asia.

​U-TIP  14" 16" 18" 20", Available in Body Wave 18" 22" Only

Tape in Hair extensions are pieces of hair where your own hair is sandwiched in between. Its a quick and easy application and the hair can be reused 2-3 times. The tape in extensions need to be moved up  & re-taped every 6-8 weeks depending on how fast your hair grows. It's my preferred method for fine hair. I use Hair Couture Tape Extensions which are high quality and double drawn Remy hair and have a special Medical grade,  adhesive bond. Hair Couture bond "sandwich" system uses no heat and can last until you are ready to remove and re-apply. The hair quality texture is 100% Chinese Remy, with proper maintenance, can be re-used by simply replacing the adhesive tabs 2-3 times.
TAPE  EXTENSIONS  14" 18" 20" 22"

Will the hair match my natural hair?
  Yes, we meet for a free, no commitment consultation, where I color match your hair and texture. So whether or not your hair is straight, curly or wavy, I can match it perfectly. Every piece is custom blended for your hair.

How long does my hair have to be?
Your current hair needs to be in good condition and at least to your collar bone or shoulders. Hair extensions cannot be applied to short hair.

How do I care for my hair extensions?
  I can provide you with a special brush and detangling spray to help you care for them. You can color, cut and style your hair as normal. You can also use heat stylers such as hot rollers, curling or straightening irons, but always avoiding the bonds or tape. It is recommended that you do not wash the extensions daily however. Brushing and conditioning is of utmost importance to prevent any matting. I also recommend using a sulfate free hydrating shampoo, conditioner and a deep conditioner on a regular basis.

Can I color my hair while I have the hair extensions in my hair?
Yes, I am able to perform your color service for you. Once the extensions are in it is recommended that you don’t color your hair yourself as it can affect the extensions if you don’t know what you are doing in the application.

How long do they last?
  The average life span of each application of bonded extensions is 3-4 months.  After that time they will need to be re-applied.  Tape in hair needs to be removed and re-applied every 6-8 weeks.

Do you do same day service for tape removals and replacements?
Yes, but only if you use a second set of hair. Re-Taping takes a few hours and we cannot do same day. I suggest that you keep 2 sets of tape ins, so that each set can be re-used and re-taped 2-3 times.

Will they be visible to other people?
   No not if they are placed in by a hair extension specialist who is licensed and trained. You will be able to wear your hair up in a pony tail. I will ensure that they are placed in the hair carefully so no-one will know that you have hair extensions unless you tell them.

How much does it cost?
  The total cost depends on how many pieces we use and the thickness of your own hair and how long it takes to apply. There are so many variations that depend on your hair and  it's current length, method used, how long you want your hair to be and the colors that we choose. I will give you a quote at the FREE consultation appointment.
I charge by the hour plus the cost of the hair. 

What do I get for the price?
  1. Your hair is washed with a deep clarifying shampoo to remove any residue in your hair, and then styled ready for the application.
  2. ​A trim on your own hair if it needs it
  3. Expert application
  4. A Haircut after the application to create a beautiful shape and blend the extensions with your own hair.
  5. Removal and maintenance services are extra!

Where do you work?
   I work out of a reputable hair salon in Santa Monica called Salon Tosca.

What Brands do you use?

Are you licensed?
Yes I have a current California cosmetology license and have over 25 years experience as a hairstylist. I have been doing hair extensions for over 15 years and have a lot of experience.

How do I book an appointment?
  To book a no commitment consultation please fill out the contact form below or call/text me at 310 625 1265 during normal business hours. If you decide to book a hair extension appointment when we meet, then I require a deposit, which is usually the cost of the hair or for the 1st hour. So I can hold the future appointment and pre-order the hair. I accept Cash, Venmo or Credit Cards.

Keratin Bonded Extensions

Tape Extensions


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I've had extensions done before, and I can honestly say that I've never had them done so well as I did with Claire.  My extensions blend in so well with my hair that nobody suspects the hair isn't my own.  When I recently worked on two different movie sets, I had to tell the hair stylists on set that I had hair extensions.  They couldn't believe it until they looked and saw it for themselves.  I have a completely new look, more confidence, and feel like I've gone through a total makeover.  But I haven't, it's just the difference the hair makes!  
I would work with Claire for many reasons:  
1. The hair is very high quality.  It is incredibly soft and silky and it moves well.  It isn't the coarse hair that alot of other people get put in. It actually feels like my own!
2.  The way Claire put them in didn't hurt, and they don't bother me during the day, or at night while I'm sleeping.
3.  Because she doesn't use glue, heat, or other damaging methods, my own hair will be as healthy when the extensions come out as it was when they were put in.
4.  The removal process for her method is so easy and doesn't hurt like the other ways do!  
5.  The hair blends evenly, there aren't ANY strange lines of any kind.
I am unbelievably happy, and would recommend her to everyone."
 Deborah, Los Angeles

I absolutely love my hair, it's the best I've ever had it. Claire was lovely. She took her time and paid the utmost attention to detail. I would recommend anyone looking for a way to their hair look thick and beautiful to try theses amazing extensions with Claire.
Paulie, Hollywood